Janet Walker

Administration & Support Executive

I started my travel journey as a young child and one of my earliest memories is of visiting our local, travel agents, and watching them work, as they searched for our family holidays.

I decided then and there I wanted to work in the travel industry. I used to make my mum take me in every week to collect new brochures, so I could read them and play travel agents.

I’ve now been in the industry for over 20 years ( I started very young!), and I’ve loved every minute.

There have been many challenges over the years – ash clouds, war, airlines and tour operators folding etc, and most recently Covid-19. But we are a resilient lot in the travel industry and we always come back stronger no matter what is thrown at us.

I’ve been very fortunate to have travelled extensively, both on personal holidays and through work. My favourite destinations include Puerto Mogan in Gran Canaria, New York, Orlando, and Sweden. I’m also known to enjoy a wee cruise!

Being part of Merlin Travel Group is a pleasure – if you enjoy what you do, it will never feel like work!

Its exciting watching the company grow and being part of that growth and development.

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