Dawn Plummer

Product Assistant

My first trip abroad to Corfu as an 18 year old, purely out of curiosity, quickly moved to an obsession with travel to experience new things and places around the world.

From European coach trips many years ago, to a river cruise on the Nile, exploring parts of India, plus spells of living abroad in Germany and Africa, to three weeks in Cuba more recently, I have many great memories from around the world.

When I started traveling, I would spend hours flicking through brochures to find a good deal for myself. Nowadays, I still enjoy finding great deals but now it’s for Merlin Travel Group members and their clients.

I have a real passion for discovering the more unusual places that I have not been to before and finding out what they have to offer.

These days, when I am not travelling, I am thinking about it. It really is an obsession and using this passion to fulfill my role of Product Assistant, should keep me busy!

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