Beata Zuziak

Administrations Assistant

Hello, I’m Beata.

My journey with the travel industry started when I was 15 years old. I was in a travel and tourism school in Poland which had 2 months of work experience at one of the travel agencies, which was great practical experience for me.

During this time I also traveled around the world with my dance group. That’s what made me become in love with traveling and it became my dream to travel the world to gain experience and maybe then start my own travel agency, based on my experience, to make my clients happy and share my knowledge when choosing their travel destination.

When I was moving to Scotland I never knew what to expect, but I managed to settle down and I now live in Greenock, near Glasgow.

I started a travel and tourism course at West College Scotland which led me to joining Merlin Travel Group, and I am very happy to be a team member.

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